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I would love to tell you more about what we do.

The inspiration came through four years ago now to offer this webinar to my students at the time. Those who wanted to experience themselves in a higher aspect and develop their soul connection.

I have received so much personal growth from offering this weekly webinar that it has kept going and truly offered support and transformation in people’s lives.

Each webinar is recorded and you receive the replay the next day so if you cannot join us live it is available to you with all the beautiful energetic activations beyond time and space!

The webinar is not zoom, I cannot see you, it is more like a facebook live where you can share on the chat as it is happening.

The crystal tones bowls are a wonderful part of the evening as they activate the teachings and help our bodies to receive the downloads at a cellular change level.

There are so many wonderful groups actively working to support and lift our vibrations right now. I would love to offer you the chance to join us without obligation to see if this is your Soul
tribe and family.

Simply press the button below and it will lead you to Paypal. The first month is for free and after that PayPal charge you $32/month.

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So looking forward to having you join us!
With love, Aurora

Aurora Hood Hammond

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