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All I ever wanted was to love everybody – in my family, at school, the animals, the stars.

The confusion and frustration of growing up in a family with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and addictions running the emotional framework led to me thinking there was something seriously wrong with me. I just couldn’t be happy the way everyone said I was meant to!!!

So, naturally, I went to study Social Work to find out how to help people. Luckily it was the seventies and the personal growth movement was starting to appear, even in Australia.

So armed with my Social Work degree and an open heart I set off to save the world and find myself.

This journey led me to personal growth workshops and travel in the UK and the USA, in the middle east and Asia. Completing a Masters Degree in holistic psychology at Antioch University in the early eighties in San Francisco and eventually home to Australia to share what I had learned.

Lecturing in social work full time at the University of Tasmania and then University of NSW gave me a taste of how I loved teaching.

Creating a private practice as a psychotherapist and group facilitator led to creating my own Government accredited College in Sydney, the College of Holistic Counselling for nearly twenty years, finally known as the Hammond Institute.

Learning to love everyone was still on the agenda and now I knew a lot more about myself and how to assist others with emotional pain, mental health, relationships and family and then life became really interesting. My intuition and ability to explore other forms of consciousness started to develop as I pursued my spiritual path. This journey took me far and wide, to the American Indian reservations of Montana to the Outback of Australia to India, Bali and beyond. Always being ready to go where the Love guided me has taken me all over the planet and now, finally, to living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. 

The power of the subconscious mind and body, the interconnectedness of all things and the radiance and call of the stars have expanded and transformed my awareness and abilities. One of my greatest joys is to play the crystal bowls, activate and receive energies from inter-dimensional fields and connect with crystals of all shapes and sizes. Exploring that which is seen and unseen in the quantum field. The energies we have always remembered are reemerging: the dragons, the nature spirits, the Being of mother gaia herself.

Exploring the interfaces between the physical organ of the brain, the mind and different states of consciousness gives us greater access to literally choosing our own reality. This is the new frontier of twenty-first century humanity.

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